Used DME coding for BMW/MINI/Rolls ONLY with CAS / FEM module


With this advanced function we can do the following:

  • Read and Write ISN for CAS1, CAS2, CAS3 and CAS3+
  • Read all DME ISN for E series & Clone older E series DME.
  • Older EWS vehicles we recommend ECU cloning to migrate data from micro controller and flash processor to donor ECU.
  • Read most DDE ISN in E series (2003-2006). Cloning available if needed.
  • Read and Write All DDE  in E series (2006 and up).
  • Read ISN for EGS 6HP in E Series, and automatically matching with CAS.
  • Programming any Ecu individually (DME, DDE, DSC, CAS, FEM, Airbag, KOMBI, Radio,..etc), no matter if you brought the Ecu from a junk yard or a brand new!
  • Furthermore, we can match the VIN with the vehicle as well as the Ecu Flash to a proper flash to make it compatible with the vehicle (aka…Swapping Ecu).
    • **New ECU from dealer will require injector coding. Used programming will need VIN update. Cloning data from bad ECU microprocessor and flash will not require VIN modification or injector coding.


Used DME data transfer or programming for Mercedes Benz

  • Connect-n-start, needs no programming. All IMMO (SSID) data, key hashes, VIN, software and coding (SCN data) will be extracted and migrated to donor ECU. Once you receive back your ECU, connect back to vehicle and start.
  • Unlocked (like new from MB dealer AKA virgin!) DME will require flashing in order to have proper software, then  SCN coding, personalization, and activation.

    **Mercedes Benz has many ECU’s, please send us email with FULL VIN so that we can confirm we can perform either option on your ECU/DME.

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