FRM (footwell) module repair

service BMW FRM (Footwell Module) is electronic head unit that manages/controls all lights/bulbs on the car. Sometimes, mostly from undervoltage/overvoltage, this unit gets corrupted and diagnostic cannot communicate with module anymore.

Send us your damage FRM module and we can repair and send back to you or ask for used modules which we stock. However used modules will need coding to the car. Recommend to repair the bad FRM module first.


Front Electronics Module / Body Domain Control module

We can unlock used FEM/BDC modules and program to vehicle in event of water damage or defective module. Email for more info.

USED CAS module

We can program a used CAS module to the vehicle, however we will need your original (Damage) CAS module, and used CAS module with working keys.

EWS1-4 programming

We can program a used EWS to the vehicle. Will need bad/damage EWS along with used EWS unit. Please note module must be correct for specific car.

BMW Keys

  • Lost keys (mail in order we need original driver door handle to get key code) 
  • Duplicate keys
  • Used key programming
  • Emergency key blade cutting
  • BMW S1000RR/ HP Bike key blade and programming

ODO Correction

Have a bad ODO (Cluster) or Used Cluster. No problem. We can program donor cluster and set the mileage as on original cluster (KOMBI). Please call for more details and requirements. ***We do not repair clusters!!!

Electric Parking Brake

If your BMW electronic parking brakes are not working, in most cases the problem lies in the BMW parking brake actuator (also referred as the EMF module). The module is mounted by the trunk. When it fails the yellow PARK light to stay on. BMW parking brake malfunction on BMW equipped with electronic parking brakes such as 745, 750, 760, X5, X6 series. This problem also affects 2002-2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

We have stocked repaired EMF units, please call for info and or check out our store. Requires core to be mailed back to our location.

Comfort Coding

***This service we ONLY will perform for retrofit or if needed due to USED control module. Please do not inquire as its not an offered service.

TCU/EGS programming

E series GSB233 8HP, and 6HP GS19D

ALL F & G series 6/8HP mechatronic units

  • BMW GA6HP26Z F01 F02 USED EGS TCU programming 6HP (early F with 6HP send us TCU, CAS, ZGW )
  • BMW GA8HP45Z USED EGS TCU programming 8HP ALL F.
  • BMW GS7D36SG ///M Series programming 8HP ALL F SERIES!

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