BMW Factory Tool ISPI Next (ISTA)

“Rheingold ISTA/P” programming system is an ISPI application and stands for Integrated Service Technical Application/Programming. ISTA/P is used to process all coded, programmed and enable-dependent control modules in BMW Group vehicles. Important note: Vehicle programming/coding is permitted only when:

  • A test module in the ISTA workshop system requests programming
  • A BMW-approved fault elimination measure requests vehicle programming
  • Retrofitting or conversion are required
  • Required as part of a technical campaign
  • Control modules need to be replaced.

ISTA/D Diagnostic & Programming

BMW ESYS module flashing (F & G chassis only email for info)

With this software and lead, you can do what you would normally be forced to pay a BMW dealership to do for you, but using your laptop:

  • Read, identify and erase diagnostics fault codes from all modules
  • Auto-identify your vehicle number, chassis, ECU fitted etc
  • Code / Program modules
  • Encode new modules
  • Test specific parts
  • Stream live data
  • Reset Service Light
  • Interrogate and reset reported airbag problems
  • Interrogate and reset reported ABS problems
  • Create BMW approved test plans for repairs, upgrades and updates
  • Synchronise EWS to DME
  • Programme new item and upgrade functions
  • Reset ECU adaptations
  • Reset SMG / SSG functions
  • And much more including wiring diagrams and parts catalogues.

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